The school and its chosen contractors (due to be appointed between Spring – Summer 2018) will work hard to minimise the impact of the works on the surrounding environment. As parts of the Southern Campus will continue to function while works proceed, the emphasis on health and safety for all those using the site or in its vicinity will be even higher than usual.

When works get underway, this website will be regularly updated to give advance warning of specific events that may have an impact on those on and around the campus.

Impact on provision for pupils and public


  • Considerable thought has been given to continuity of provision. To ensure this continuity, temporary sports facilities will be constructed on Kingsgate Park and be supplemented by off-campus facilities. The planned temporary facilities include two buildings housing the Sports Hall, Fitness Suite and Dojo. This will enable most sports and activities which make use of the current facilities to continue on campus.
  • During the development the vast majority of sports will not be impacted. These sports include Soccer, Rowing, Golf, Hockey, Cross Country, Sailing, Athletics, Fives, Rackets, and Winchester College Football. There are only five sporting activities for which it will not be possible to provide temporary facilities ‘on site’. These sports are Swimming, Water Polo, Kayaking, Squash and Rifle Shooting. Squash courts are currently available in some of the boarding houses which the school will make use of during this time, alongside offsite facilities.
  • Unfortunately the climbing wall cannot be relocated to the temporary sports hall for safety reasons.
  • In addition the grass and astroturf tennis courts currently situated to the rear of the swimming pool will no longer be available once the first phase of building work commences in September 2018. The all-weather courts which were recently installed will remain available.

Community access

  • Community use of the existing PE Centre will continue until Summer 2019 and the school looks forward to welcoming the public to use the new state-of-the-art Sports Centre when it opens in 2022. Further detail on possible community access to the temporary provisions will be updated here in due course.